John Kerry and the Church of Satan: History of a Hoax


This picture that have gone viral on the internet on the eve of the  Bush/Kerry election is an obvious hoax, and we’re seeing more and more of this kind of disinformation as the world circles faster and faster down the drain. This type of falsification simply muddies the waters by distracting people from documented cases of real occultism among members of the global elite. The truth is, despite the reference to the devil in the Church of Satan’s corporate trademark, the Skulls and Bones is a much more serious “occult group” than Anton LeVay’s red pajama-wearing New Age cult. Whoever came out with this almost comical hoax most certainly meant for it to be exposed because Kerry wasn’t even elected to Congress until 1984, and they list him as a member of Congress in 1982. There were other mistakes that were meant to be caught in the fake article.  The result of this is that now when you talk about Skull and Bones no one believes what you are saying or thinks you’re nuts.


The “John Kerry” on the montage originally come from this picture with Rami Salami the clown.

The “John Kerry” on the montage originally come from this picture with Rami Salami the clown.

This one is easy to debunk even without knowing anything about the origins of the photograph. Although a portion of the date in the putative newspaper clipping is (deliberately) obscured, enough of it shows to reveal that the article in question supposedly comes from an edition of the San Francisco Chronicle published on a Sunday, July 17, sometime in the 1980s. Only twice in the 1980s did July 17 fall on a Sunday, in 1983 and 1988, and the 1983 date is ruled out because the article refers to “congressman John Kerry,” but Kerry wasn’t first elected to Congress until 1984. A search of the 17 July 1988 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle turns up no such article. This item is doubly debunkable because we do know something about the origins of the photograph. It’s a fake, a composite made from two other images: one of John Kerry greeting clown Rami Salami in 1998, and a picture of Anton LaVey posing with rocker Marilyn Manson in 1994.


The Skull and Bones is the most powerful secret society in America and have REAL occult roots as chapter 322 of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Knowing full well that the Church of Satan (with all its theater, its ceremonies, its develish costumes, the loud carnival music and the naked women acting as altars)  would probably trigger more fear from ordinary people than a bunch of well dressed Harvard aristocrats with a skull fetish, the establishment’s propagandists let this little disinformation piece out in order to waterdown the fact that the democratic presidential candidate was (just like his opponent) up to his ears in one of the most evil and powerfull occult society on the face of the earth.  Compared to the what the members of the Skull and Bones are doing on a daily basis, the whole church of Satan looks like a Sunday School class.  This is how disinformation works.  In this case it’s not the “lie” that counts, but the “banalisation” of America’s most powerful secret societies that is accomplishe by putting it in the same bag as a theatrical act performed by a bunch of amateur occultists with a taste for Gipsy and carny stuff.

The Anton Lavey/Church of Satan part of the photo-montage comes from this picture of Lavey with Marilyn Manson.

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