Authorities Study Skulls, Fetus from Mexico City Cartel’s Witchcraft Altar


Authorities are working to identify 42 skulls, a fetus in a jar, and dozens of other human remains found around a witchcraft altar apparently used by the “Union de Tepito” cartel in Mexico City.

Forensic analysts are working to identify the remains found in one of the houses recently raided in the Tepito area of Mexico City. Through the use of DNA samples, authorities are working to identify the victims and determine if they match any missing person cases, El Universal reports.

Breitbart Texas reported last week on a large-scale raid targeting the Union de Tepito where more than 700 police and military forces arrested 31 suspects, seized several tons of drugs, and found two labs. Authorities also found a weapons cache which included a rocket launcher and grenades.

The raid targeted the operations of the ruling cartel in Mexico City. The group’s current leader, “El Lunares,” escaped. Authorities believe he was tipped off moments before the raid. Several local, high-level policemen are currently under investigation for their alleged ties with the cartel.

Soon after, a federal judge ordered the release of 27 of the 31 suspects, claiming their arrests were illegal involving fabricated evidence to develop the investigation.

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